How Does HARD ROCK Work?
  Medically speaking, erections occur when the corpora cavernosa muscles in the penis relax in response to mental and/or physical stimulation. This facilitates increased blood flow and creates pressure in the corpora cavernosa, expanding and hardening the penis. When sufficient blood is flowing to the corpora cavernosa, the tunica albuginea, a tough fibrous layer of connective tissue that surrounds the corpora cavernosa, traps the blood, resulting in sustained rigidity. The firmness and fullness of an erection is largely dependent on strong blood flow to the corpora cavernosa and efficient operation of the tunica albuginea.*
  Easy-to-use once-daily system developed by a team of medical
doctors in partnership with fitness professionals
  Exclusive formula is a proprietary blend of 14 potent
ingredients from around the world known to vastly increase
male sex drive and physical power
  Does not contain Yohimbe; poses no threat to the user
  Proprietary blend of herbs and extracts that make it the most powerful libido booster that can be bought over the counter
  Clinically proven patented DHEA Max technology
  Contains no Yohimbe
  Individually packaged, maximum potency doses
  Effective liquid booster shot for libido surge in minutes
  Deficient testosterone hormone levels can lead to many undesirable symptoms, like poor libido, lack of vitality, erectile dysfunction, declining muscle mass, osteoporosis, loss of body hair, depression, lower blood hemoglobin, memory loss, poor concentration, mood swings, mild anemia, disturbed cholesterol profile and a decrease in cognitive function that effects all of your activities. Testosterone therapy is the only possible way to cope with testosterone deficiency. Testostero-1 may assist the body improves testosterone levels.
Along with a proper diet and regular exercise, our proprietary blend of sexual enhancement supplements give you the energy, health and stamina you need for firmer, fuller-feeling erections that last longer and deliver an overall increase in energy, sexual performance and pleasure. The core ingredients of HARD ROCK For Men work together when metabolized by your body to maximize your erections. HARD ROCK male enhancement has no known side effects. HARD ROCK combines the most effective herbs and vitamins available on the market to improve blood flow, increase energy, boost sexual desire and overall sexual health to create an optimal environment within the body for peak sexual performance.*
Experience the performance of the only male enhancement system that takes a unique two-pronged approach to both sexual vitality and cardiovascular wellness. As part of the healthy lifestyle today’s man demands, HARD ROCK’s effectiveness enhances everyday sexual ability, while the antioxidative and cardiovascular benefits of HARD ROCK’s ingredients may help to protect the male body from the ravages of time and aging, factors that negatively impact sexual performance long-term.*
Through regular use, you may achieve:
Firmer, harder erections through increased blood flow to the penis*
Longer-lasting staying power*
Pumped-up vitality and stamina in bed by boosting your body’s energy level for performances that last*
Increased sexual appetite: Restores sexual libido to increase sexual desire and achieve firmer erections*
Improved health of sexual organs and overall body function*
More energy, strength and stamina every day*

Some Doctors recommend Hard Rock because they know it works. Hard Rock contains scientific ingredients that may expand the capacity of the Corpus Cavernosum - the two cylindrical tissues inside the penis that fill with blood during arousal. This gives you bigger and stronger erections than you would have ever imagined possible.

With results like this, Hard Rock is sure to keep you and your partner up all night!

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