Lady Care Capsule for white discharge and Irregular Menstrual Cycle
leucorrhoea, white discharge and Irregular Menstrual

Leucorrhoea, a gynecological problem related to women involves white colored discharge from the vagina. This leads to irritation in the membrane lining of genitals of the female. The discharge is thick and foul smelling. Metabolic and hormonal disorders lead to such condition. Besides discharge it leads to pain and weakness in the calves and lumbar region.

There are several natural treatments available for this condition which cures it without causing any kind of side effects. Hashmi Lady Care from Hashmi is one of the most effective treatments for leucorrhea available in the market. This medication is backed by the knowledge and experience of Hashmi International which has been manufacturing quality medications since 1929.

Hashmi Lady Care is created using a combination of powerful Unani herbs which provide effective results within a short duration of time. It is known to correct the hormone disturbance in females. It also treats burning and itching sensation in the vagina and pain which is known to disturb normal activities in females because of this.

Unani is a time tested medicine system which is known to heal the body and cure the root cause behind it.

Benefits of Hashmi Natural Lady Care

  • Cures Leucorrhoea naturally
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Quick results
  • GMP and ISO certified company
  • Nine decades of existence

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